Welcome! You've reached the online Studyspace of ProjectManagement.co.za. What you'll experience here is learning that is designed from the ground up to fit the medium. It is not simply textbook stuff delivered in electronic online form. Here we're talking about real, practical, context-relevant medium-specific learning. Our focus is to equip you to do your work in a better way, and to make you proud. We want to assist you in making delivery promises with integrity.

Project Management planningMaking it work for you

We studied how adults learn, and under which conditions they learn best. That is why the courses are designed to help you say: "So, this is how I can do it better in my work!" 

Please let us know if at any stage the learning does not evoke this kind of thinking. We need to know, so that we can work towards increasing relevance. We have structured every aspect, every nuance of our courses to nurture your leadership and your personal mastery, and to integrate these attributes in your Project Management execution.

We thought about the best ways to empower you to optimise your learning towards your career development, as well towards meshing new skills into your organisation's strategies.

Project Management thinkingRisk, fear and resolve

We understand Project Management to be about managing risk, and the ability to execute in order to deliver on negotiated and expected delivery dates, budgets and scope. 

Behind this sit individuals, people like you, who, at times, become a bit apprehensive, slightly fearful, but mostly resolute. We understand this. We'd like to help. We say, yes! There will be fear, and at times you may waver. 


Our most important criterion for measuring our own success is your success. So, please be generous. Help us to help you, and inform us the moment you become aware that you feel like you're slipping. It is in this space that we can do our best work, and help you to do work that is remarkable. 

Because we too, are focused on learning every day, we'd welcome your comments, your observations.

Let's go!

From the Studyspace team at ProjectManagement.co.za